So here’s what Lindsay Lohan will be watching obsessively, if she hasn’t already, when she gets out of rehab…

You’ll recall, Lohan was supposed to play Linda Lovelace in a movie called Inferno. She even had all her makeup done for a photoshoot in advance because that’s all it takes – a wig and some eyeliner. Unfortunately her partying, thieving, and generally being an asshole schedule couldn’t allow for time to work. So she was dumped from the project and then replaced by Malin Ackerman. That film has yet to go into production. Cursed. Which is what happens when you align yourself with Lindsay Lohan.

The other Linda Lovelace project, Lovelace, with a pretty impressive cast led by Amanda Seyfried in the title role, and Peter Sarsgaard playing her abusive husband, premiered at Sundance earlier this year. It received mixed reviews, although Seyfried’s performance was widely praised, considered perhaps the best of her career.

A trailer was released this week. My initial comments:

-Sarsgard is really good at being gross. Like sick and pervy and repulsive. So underrated.
-Chloe Sevigny interviewing Lovelace about Deep Throat – is that ironic?
-I love it when This Hot Bitch, Sharon Stone, wears big 70s glasses. She’ll steal the movie for me. As she always does.

Check her today in Paris with her son wearing the sh-t out of that black dress. It comes with a cape that’s lined underneath in white – can you see?