In December we learned that Amy Schumer would star in a live-action Barbie movie, which seemed like kind of a bad idea because Barbie, as a toy and cultural landmark, is already loaded with so many issues. Do we even need a Barbie movie, let alone an Amy Schumer Barbie movie? Yesterday we learned the answer to that question is “You will get a Barbie movie whether you want one or not,” and “No.” Amy Schumer has dropped out of the project, but since Mattel is already cranking out new branded Barbies to go with the movie, Sony literally HAS to make the movie. So this will be a quality film made for the best and purest reasons.

Bad Idea Barbie is slated for June 29, 2018, and thanks to that blood pact with Mattel, Sony has no option but to meet that date. So they have to get in front of cameras this summer, which leaves them just a few months to not only cast a new lead—and everyone else—but also hire a director. They don’t have a director. For a movie that MUST begin production this summer. They have the script Schumer and her sister, Kim Caramele, polished, but the director and new star may well want a rewrite. So basically Sony has like four months, tops, to pull together an entire production. That’s bananas.

As to why Schumer dropped out, it’s the classic “scheduling conflicts”. She has the press tour for Snatched coming up, but Sony would have known about that back in December when she signed on. She did just sign onto Rebecca Miller’s next movie, She Came to Me, but there’s no word on when that will shoot, though since she quit Barbie, I assume it must be shooting this summer. But I also wonder if Schumer, after spending a few months working on the script, simply realized that a Barbie movie is a bad f*cking idea no matter who stars in it.