Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg were photographed together in New York this weekend doing a little shopping. As you know, the two became close during The Social Network and are obviously still tight. Remember when we played Video Assumption on them meangirling Justin Timberlake? Click here for a refresher. I really enjoyed that post.


Of course there’s no meangirling! They all like each other the same!

JT is hosting SNL in a couple of weeks. You think Andrew and Jesse will make cameos?

Andrew is still shooting Spider-Man. Jesse meanwhile has just been cast in Woody Allen’s new film about… Woody Allen. It will shoot in Rome. London, Barcelona, Paris, Rome – clearly Woody is giving us a cine-tour of Europe. They’ve been MUCH more friendly to him over there.

Jesse will next be seen in August in 30 Minutes Or Less with Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari. Have you seen the trailer? It was ok. I mean it wasn’t so funny I wanted to punch myself in the face or anything and that might actually be a good sign because I thought the Your Highness red band trailer was awesome and then it turned out the movie was total sh-t. Reaction from test screenings to 30 Minutes has been very positive. So far I LOVE the music.

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