He is too f-cking cute.

So cute I think even Duana would agree, and he’s not her type.

But how can you watch this and not smile all the way through? It’s delightful!

Andrew Garfield visited Ellen (airs today) and he talked about Spider-Man and how it starts shooting in February and he didn’t talk about Emma Stone but wasn’t a dick about it either and whatever, whatever, and he also danced for charity. Without music. Any dance Ellen asked of him, if completed successfully, meant another thousand dollars to the Worldwide Orphans Fund.

Look at his face when she tells him she’s heard he’s an excellent mover and shaker. I can’t...
My favourite is his Single Ladies. Also the Shopping Cart.

The video is below, and I’m also attaching photos of Andrew out for lunch with Emma the other day and putting gas in the car in what looks like the same outfit yesterday. Did he drive himself to the studio?