I mean, it was a given that Andrew Garfield would be working on his body to play Spider-Man. And when the promo shot was released, it was encouraging the work he’d put into it so far. But you don’t really appreciate the full effect until you see the full body encased in tightness. Particularly the ass.

That’s a really nice ass.

This is Andrew shooting on location yesterday in LA. They used a stunt double for some of the shots, but Andrew was also in costume and covered up in between takes under a long black coat, perhaps uncomfortable stomping around with the goods on display unnecessarily.

Anyway, when he’s not showing off his packages as Spider-Man or meangirling Justin Timberlake with Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew can be found singing the Bed Intruder Song while Carey Mulligan tries to hold her sh-t together.

Have you seen this interview?

Someone just sent it to me the other day. First of all, he looks really great in that t-shirt. And I love the way Carey slams her hand down at one point, like overcome with laughter. Click here to see.

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com