By now you’ve all heard about Andrew Garfield at Comic-Con right? At the Spider-Man panel, he dressed up in a store bought Spidey suit and took to the mic with a rather geeky little speech about how much Spidey means to him. He was breathless and nervous, there was no polish or practice, but at the same time it wasn’t awkward either. At least not to me. It’s awkward when it’s not authentic. It’s awkward when they’re embarrassed and uncomfortable. He wasn’t uncomfortable, he was just really... into it. Without any...desperation. It’s a tricky balance. But when it is balance, that kind of passion can be rather infectious. Endearing.

I’ve attached the video below, but what I can add to it is that I saw Garfield shortly before he made his presentation at the panel. At the time, of course, I had no idea what he was about to do. We’d just left the press line for the movie at the Hilton and we saw him on a balcony, with just one handler, pacing back and forth. I thought he was just taking a break. Obviously it wasn’t just a break. Looking back I feel a lot of affection for him in that moment. There’s a way to do it without seeming like a thoughtless machine (Taylor Lautner) or a neurotic giggly mess (Robert Pattinson). You can be composed and still refreshing. You can genuinely believe in something without sounding like you’re eating the company ass. At Comic-Con, Andrew Garfield showed that this is possible.

Also, he’s really, really cute. I liked him in his orange jumper. I liked the way his jeans were hanging off his waist. I liked his hair, I liked him with a tan, I liked that he was not able to complete the press line because he was taking so long answering questions they ran out of time and his people seemed exasperated that he didn’t just rush through there with one-word responses.

As for his chemistry with Emma Stone ...

A little?

I mean they were kept apart during the press line – he came out first and started on one end, she came later and started at the other – and seemed at ease with each other in Hall H, but other than that, there were no indications either way. They do however look great together, very physically compatible, and when she speaks he seems – body language assumption – at least to me to be trying to hide his admiration. Even that though is a stretch. Whatever it is, it’s not overt just yet.

Totally want to see them holding hands.

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