It was all any geek could get to last night: the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer, have you seen it yet? Capitalising on all the activity around the Super Bowl, Sony decided not to join the others in releasing new trailers during the game, but just after the game. Like Beyonce, Spidey wanted all the attention for himself.

My first impressions from the preview: OMG Andrew Garfield is so f-cking sexy. As for the nerd vote, which is really what counts here, I’ve hit up half a dozen sites and the general consensus seems to be very, very positive: so far, even though it’s only been 5 years since the last one, they’re into the new Spidey.

Did I mention Andrew Garfield is really hot?

Hot enough, totally, for the Five List. But here’s the thing about that - I love him so much with Emma Stone, I’m not interested in casting him in any personal fantasy.

Anyway, they were all saying that the summer was supposed to be a fight between The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. This trailer has a few people starting the conversation: will Spidey make it a 3 way way brawl? (Source)