I covered The Theory Of Everything carpet last night for etalk. More on the film and Eddie Redmayne later, promise. Right now I just want to tell you about a really cute moment that happened at the premiere.

We were second position on the press line. Which means that I was finished with my interviews early. Protocol is that we're not allowed to leave the carpet until all outlets have completed their interviews and the talent leaves to go into the theatre. Eddie Redmayne was talking to the Associated Press in the third position. I'd already stepped back to talk to my producer. And then I looked up and saw a young guy with a beard, right in front of me, looking past me at Eddie. Andrew and Eddie made eye contact and Andrew was lifting his chin, bobbing it slightly, kind of joke-smirking like "I see you, I see you", but also with an expression of such pride, such happiness for his friend. It was adorable and so sweet, and it became so obvious to me how close they are, how supportive they must be of each other.

Because oh my God Eddie Redmayne is incredible in this film. As far as I'm concerned, no one else at this festival comes close. This is the role of a lifetime and he f-cking DESTROYS it. So, yeah, no wonder one of his best friends was proud of him. He's astonishing as Stephen Hawking.  And there is no doubt he'll be nominated for an Oscar. No doubt.

Again. More on Eddie and The Theory Of Everything later. And Andrew Garfield's 99 Homes premieres tonight.