“Minimally talented”

Just some of the words Scott Rudin used to describe Angelina Jolie to Amy Pascal in those leaked Sony emails. And that’s likely your main focus because she’s ANGELINA JOLIE. So you’re like, OMG, she must be such a f-cking crazy bitch. Yes. She’s an actor. What else would she be? Before we begin though, a quick backgrounder on Scott Rudin. Because some of you may not know Scott Rudin. Rudin is a powerful producer. He produced The Social Network, No Country For Old Men, The Hours, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – so many more movies you know, so many acclaimed movies you know, you’ve seen. Like…Harvey Weinstein. Yes. That. So, the personality details you’ve heard about Harvey? That too.

Rudin was once named one of New York’s worst bosses – click here for details.

There’s the time he threw one of his assistants out of a car – click here to read more about that.

He’s known for smashing his phones against the wall between his assistants. Supposedly they used to keep a crate of phones on hand because he breaks so many of them in his temper tantrums that they knew to have more at the ready for when he would destroy them. Click here for more on that.


Who you callin’ crazy, crazy?

Remember what I said in the open about them all being assholes? THEY’RE ALL ASSHOLES. Also…


In this case, they were all being crazy over the Steve Jobs biopic and Angelina’s Cleopatra. The Jolie was supposedly pissed that Sony (Amy Pascal) wanted David Fincher to direct Jobs because she wanted him for Cleopatra. Rudin wanted to make the Jobs movie and thought the Cleopatra film would be sh-t. Angie was giving Pascal attitude and Pascal was feeling sh-tty about Angie giving her attitude and Rudin was frustrated that Pascal was being so deferential to her. Pascal was worried about Angie’s unhappiness and wanted Rudin to placate her. Rudin refused to waste time placating Angie because all Angie wanted to do was to make her own dumb movie with her friend, Eric Roth, who was working on the Cleopatra screenplay.

You following so far?

Angelina’s Cleopatra is indeed a terrible idea. And she and Eric Roth seem to be the only people who don’t know that. That’s obvious. The best gossip here though is how Angelina Jolie can manipulate Amy Pascal, pretty much the HEAD OF SONY. Can you imagine how she does it? Is she passive aggressive? Does she leave Pascal voice messages expressing her “disappointment”, the way your parents used to make you feel like sh-t when you were growing up?

We’ve all seen how the Jolie operates (unless you’re a Brangelunatic wearing blinders). She’s a control freak. She needs to control all of it, everything. She wants what she wants. She gets what she wants. She plays the game harder and more strategically than most. Part of playing that game means…

Playing people.

She was playing Amy Pascal. And it was working.

In the end, look what happened? Scott Rudin’s email to Pascal specifically ordered:


But David Fincher is not directing Jobs. And Angie might not be the only factor in that decision but still… isn’t that what she was trying to do all along?

Now then, given that she’s one of the best at this, Angelina Jolie, now that all this has imploded and exploded and become public, now that she knows Scott Rudin was on the other side of Amy Pascal, talking sh-t about her, trying to cockblock her, trying to out-chess her…


It might not be tomorrow. It might not be next year. But he probably has to sleep with one eye open now because she’ll come after him eventually. When he’s working hard on a passion project, when he thinks the deal is done, she’ll come along and f-cking shred it…even if it means putting all her kids in the same movie, cutting footage from her wedding into the film, and kissing another girl while fondling Brad Pitt on the side, she just might do it to hard f-ck Rudin in every hole in his body.

Click here to read the leaked emails. More posts about this on the way.