It was a pretty quiet weekend in World War Brange after it was reported on Friday that they’ve reached a temporary custody agreement. Sources on Brad Pitt’s side continue to portray him as a “shattered man”, overcome by sadness, caring only for the welfare of his children, while Angelina Jolie cackles at his misfortune. According to TMZ, Angelina’s added two powerful lawyers to her team: Pierce O’Donnell and Bert Fields. Much has been made about the people in Angelina’s camp. A lot of people are paying a lot of attention to Arminka Helic and Chloe Dalton, Angelina’s closest advisors who, some say, are handling her PR. She’s also working with Judy Smith, the real Olivia Pope. And Laura Wasser, the divorce lawyer. And now these two trial lawyers. So the impression here is that Angelina is ready for battle and ready to bully Brad, a narrative Brad probably doesn’t mind furthering. Which might be why he’s not telling us who he has on his side?

It’s been confirmed that he’s hired lawyer Lance Spiegel to handle the divorce for him, sure. But is that really how lean his team is? Is that how we’re supposed to picture the situation? Angelina brings an army and tanks to the battlefield and poor Brad’s standing there, forlorn and unwilling, holding just a small pistol? That’s the strategy. From a PR perspective, that strategy gives you the impression that he’s the underdog. Is it really realistic, though, to see Brad Pitt – BRAD PITT – as an underdog?

Brad Pitt doesn’t want you to know the firepower he’s harnessed. So they’re not making any announcements about who’s been working behind the scenes to reclaim his reputation and in return attack Angelina Jolie’s. But he can’t possibly be doing it alone. I’ve been hearing rumours for days that Brad’s recruited Matthew Hiltzik, a PR and crisis manager. He was most recently hired to handle Ryan Lochte’s Rio mess. He’s also worked with Justin Bieber. I’ve also heard rumours that Brad is also being advised by Blair Berk. Blair Berk is one of the top criminal lawyers in Hollywood and one of the most feared. But nobody wants to go on record to confirm all the players in Brad’s camp, not even the magazines, because right now, to understand that these are two major celebrities with equally major reinforcements behind them simply isn’t as fun. Brad Pitt, quite cleverly, has been leaning into the image that he’s defenceless.