SAG nominations yesterday, no Unbroken.
Golden Globe nominations today….


The Hollywood Foreign Press Association SHUT OUT Brange. They SHUT OUT Angelina Jolie.
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
They nominated her for The Tourist!

And they SHUT DOWN Unbroken!


They nominated Jennifer Aniston!

It’s her greatest victory over them. It took her almost 10 years to get here but it’s her greatest victory. Not only because she knows – we all knew – that the Jolie wants it so badly but because it was a come-from-behind.

Six weeks ago, Jennifer Aniston had no chance. Remember, Cake was nothing coming out of TIFF. Nothing. No one wanted it. No wanted to distribute it. October, silence. Then she and her producers decide to creatively do it themselves and suddenly, in a short five weeks, she delivers an award season campaign that lands her with both a SAG and a Golden Globe nomination. Without Harvey Weinstein. Without a major studio behind her.

Like I said yesterday, you gotta give her some credit for that. But I don’t think even she would have predicted that she’d get into the Globes and not the Brange.

Those starf-ckers at the HFPA are all about putting together the best guest list. Leaving out Brange was not a possibility that anyone would have considered. Are they actually trying to increase their credibility?


Was there a bigger promise on the table for them in exchange for slamming the door in Angelina Jolie’s face?

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks there was a deal on the table. Perhaps a Team Aniston celebrity conglomerate that mobilised at exactly the right time. Jennifer Aniston just flexed her power. Turns out she has a lot more of it than she ever let on. Good game, Jennifer Aniston. Good f-cking game.