PEOPLE reported exclusively yesterday that Judy Smith, the real-life Olivia Pope, is consulting with Angelina Jolie as she negotiates the terms of her divorce from Brad Pitt. It’s been a quiet week for Angelina as Brad Pitt’s sources have presented his side to the public: Brad is sad and crying, Brad feels like Angelina has launched a “smear campaign” about him, Brad is a good dad who just drank a little too much on a long flight and lost his temper with his kids around and may have gotten into it with his oldest son but he wants what is best for the children and he’s a great father and always intended for this to be kept on the low. Also, Angelina may have premeditated all of it and secretly planned to leave him without his knowledge. So his strategy has been self-defence first and then attacking her on… being prepared? Jesus, if I’m Brad Pitt, I’m not sure I want to be the Donald Trump in this situation.

Now that Angelina has a better sense of Brad’s play though, sitting back silently the last few days while he shows his cards, she’s decided to let us know about recruiting Judy Smith. This reveal can’t be accidental. In addition to the recruitment of Judy Smith on her team, we’re also now hearing from several outlets that the two have entered into “deep” talks about their settlement. Judy Smith is a “fixer”. Does she have her own “gladiators”, like Olivia Pope? Gladiators specialise in crisis management but they also specialise in …finding sh-t. Olivia Pope always operates on the offensive. Angelina’s not going to want it out there that she’s working with Judy Smith unless there’s some advantage in getting it out there that she’s working with Judy Smith.