Angelina Jolie and the children were in Crested Butte, Colorado for NYE. Here she is with Shiloh and Knox out for ice cream. The Daily Mail has other photos of her with Vivienne and in some of the shots you can see that Mariane Pearl is with them. Mariane Pearl is a journalist and the widow of the late Daniel Pearl. Angelina Jolie played her in A Mighty Heart. Mariane wrote about their friendship for Glamour Magazine in 2014. So they’re on holiday together. And obviously they are still close.

These are the first good quality paparazzi images of Angelina since she and Brad Pitt broke up. And it’s not like the paps hang out regularly in Crested Butte, Colorado. At least 3 different agencies were able to get photos of Angelina with her children though. Which, as we know, with Angelina, there’s more often than not a plan behind the picture. I wonder if it’s kind of a f-ck you. Because for weeks now Brad Pitt’s sources have been leaking to the entertainment outlets about how sadface he is because that bitch he married won’t let him see the kids – and that’s not even subtext, it’s about as obvi-text as possible. What he’s doing is crying at the ocean, the way Jennifer Aniston used to get papped looking out onto the ocean after their divorce, searching for answers in the waves, going to the “water’s edge and scream(ing)”. God that Vanity Fair article gave us some great quotes, didn’t it? “Billy Idol called – he wants his look back” is another one. And now here we are, Brad in the pity party Jennifer Aniston role, making sure that we know, that the world knows, that he is lonely and miserable. Meanwhile his estranged wife looks super cute in ski gear, catching snowflakes on her eyelashes, surrounded by their happy, smiling kids. Strategically sound, or will it be a mistake?

Brad worked over the MiniVan Majority pretty good at the end of last year with all kinds of sympathy coming his way from people feeling sorry for him because he’s handsome and successful, with excuse after excuse put forward to account for whatever it is that happened on the plane and the fact that he can’t be alone with his kids, a “victim” of the beautiful, ambitious, calculating woman he married. Poor Brad didn’t see his kids for his birthday and only met with them briefly for a gift exchange at Christmas, and now, look at her, look at her flaunting her holiday with them like this, deliberately making him feel even worse. C-nt! At least that’s Team Brad hopes you’ll take it. And on her team, well, her team would prefer you’ll see these pictures, see that she’s the one who’s the constant in the kids’ lives, and the one who’s been bringing them as much happiness as possible during a tumultuous time. You picking a side?

Brange are due again in court later this month to fight some more over their divorce documents. It’ll happen just before Chinese New Year. Interestingly enough, at least to me, both of them were born the sign of the Rabbit. I’ll do full sign analyses in the days preceding Chinese New Year per tradition on this site but my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, has already done the reading for Rabbits (Jacek is a Rabbit) and Rabbits are in for a rough one this coming year, the Year of the Rooster. It’s in both their best interests to avoid confrontation and minimise risk. How’s that gonna work?