Angelina Jolie took three out of six kids out the other day. They were Halloween shopping. Having spent several months in Europe, Brange is back in the US as Brad Pitt's Killing Them Softly is scheduled to premiere on November 30, pushed back to that date by Harvey Weinstein who openly acknowledged at the time that he wanted to ensure the film, having received a strong critical response at Cannes, would be better positioned for awards season. Also...maybe for the election? Wasn’t Brad in Lincoln Park in Chicago following President Obama’s win in 2008?

Check out the steezy Shiloh with her shades tucked into her shirt. She doesn’t look like she’s into being papped. Or maybe it was because while she was taken out with ma and her younger siblings, the older kids, the ones she idolises, had other options. Maybe the Chosen One doesn’t enjoy being trotted out for photo opportunities unless her brothers are around, especially not when they want her to make up for dad’s sh-tty fragrance commercials.