Angelina Jolie took her kids out shopping the other day in Queensland, Australia where she’s directing her next film Unbroken. I don’t understand these pants. Like, I’m all for an elastic waistband but these…these are not sweatpants. The material is too nice. These are more like…palazzo pants. Dress pants. Right? I don’t get it. Do you get it?

In other Brange news, 12 Years A Slave is doing very well at the box office which only further solidifies its award season chances. Which means Brad Pitt will be representing during award season. Which means …well… we can hope for some Pitt Porn during award season. I’ll give you one reason why, besides the obvious:

Julia Roberts.

Watch, for a refresher. And her face in particular.

Julia Roberts will be on the award circuit too. And she and Brad are friends. Or were friends. What do you think Julia Roberts thinks of Angelina Jolie? Isn’t that the cutaway you want to see at the Golden Globes?