The Toronto International Film Festival held a press conference today to confirm additional events during the festival and the list of artist attendees. Most of the names were expected considering they all have projects at TIFF. A couple of standouts though which we’ll address closer to when the festival opens. Like Eminem. Who famously avoids these kinds of events. He produced a satirical rap battle indie film called Bodied that’s screening in Toronto though. And Drake too is confirmed to be at TIFF with The Carter Effect, the documentary about Vince Carter and his relationship with the Toronto Raptors. Eminem and Drake were rumoured to be feuding last year but then Eminem joined Drake on stage at his Detroit show so, if their schedules line up, I don’t think it would be totally impossible to suggest that there might be some kind of photo opp.

TIFF also announced the stars featured in the In Conversation With series this year: Helen Mirren, Javier Bardem, Gael Garcia Bernal, and… Angelina Jolie. Cameron Bailey, TIFF Artistic Director, confirmed to etalk this morning that he’ll be doing the interview. And it’ll most likely be a career retrospective in addition to support for her two films at the festival, The Breadwinner (she produced) and First They Killed My Father. So this, presumably, is how she’ll confront the fallout from her interview with Vanity Fair last month over what happened during filming and accusation that she and her team manipulated Cambodian children.

Angelina is evidently fully participating in this festival experience. Most celebrities go to a festival, do the obligatory press conference, junket, and red carpet appearances, hit up a party or two, and get the f-ck out. Sitting on a panel, in front of a live audience, it’s not easy to get on their schedules. Had the Vanity Fair controversy not happened, would Angelina be committing to this kind of an event? I mean no one knows the answer to that but now that we’re here, she seems to be looking for opportunities to course correct. It’s not a bad move. This will be a friendly audience. And this also allows her to turn on her star power to reshape her message. Also TIFF takes place right before she’s to begin her teaching position at the London School of Economics this fall. It’s worth noting though that Vanity Fair typically has a presence at most major film festivals. In years past, almost every star has passed through the VF portrait studio. You think Angelina will be dropping in for a visit?

In other Angelina news, Page Six reported today that she and the kids were at Target recently but left because they don’t serve hot dogs. I f-cking love hot dogs. Sasha had a hot dog party a couple of years ago at her place. This is not a euphemism for anything, we didn’t sit around suck dicks. We did, however, sit around and eat hot dogs. Like cheap packaged hot dogs in white bread buns and it was the BEST. You know what I don’t get? Why don’t more people dress their hot dogs along the seam of the bun? You can get way more “toppings” in that way, even though, technically, it’s not on the top. All that matters is it’s part of the bite! What does it matter where in the bun you put the relish? This is what I do: relish, sriracha mayo, and grated cheese along the seam. Or onions if you prefer. Then ketchup and mustard zigzagged across the top. RIGHT!?

Attached - Angelina and her kids at Toys R Us today with some friends.