From Iraq to the Zoo!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 30, 2007 13:36:11 August 30, 2007 13:36:11

This just in! reader Paula saw Angelina and the children in Central Park today. Fresh off her humanitarian mission to the Middle East, Jolie is back on Mommy duty as Brad goes to work. Below – Paula’s observations unedited. FYI: the anti-Angelina faction will be unhappy…The Chosen One was actually with her mother!

PS. File photos of Angelina attached with Maddox from summer 2005 and also Angelina attending Wyclef’s benefit in the Hamptons almost exactly two years ago, around the time she became pregnant with Shiloh. Same thinness then compared to now…

Lainey: I"m on a family vacation in NYC (where each day feels about a thousand hours long) and this morning we went to the central park zoo. When we came out of the rainforest building, not everyone was out, so we were standing around waiting and I noticed a woman a few feet away looking at a monkey. She had a tattoo on her back, and I my brain was just sort of processing "oh, that"s kind of an Angelina Jolie-looking tattoo..." when I looked again and my brain went "It IS Angelina Jolie!!!" She was holding Shiloh on her hip and there were two other men, (not Brad) one holding Zahara (and english guy with white hair) and another guy holding Pax. Maddox was allowed to walk! I don"t know if you"ve ever been, (and it"s not likely because you don"t have kids), but the Central Park Zoo is very small, so we ran into them several times. It was all very low key, no one taking pictures of them that I saw (certaininly no papparazzi). They were a very quiet bunch of kids - certainly not running around and making noise - like at least one of mine was! I heard Maddox say something to her and she replied, "what, babe?". They were coming out of the petting zoo when we were going on, so sorry, I can"t tell you whether the kids were allowed to walk around and feed the goats. Actually, I felt a tiny bit sorry for them - maybe she and Brad want lots of kids so they have the chance to socialize with each other. And sadly for me, my 6 year old son didn"t become instant best friends with Maddox...sigh.

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