And now, in things I didn’t expect to be writing about…

Craig Ferguson is leaving The Late Late Show and ESQUIRE humbly proposes that Anna Kendrick get the hosting spot.

Which is absurd, of course. Anna Kendrick is a movie actress. Probably the closest thing to a romcom lead in a time when we don’t really have romcoms anymore.

But the more you read the article, the more persuasive it gets. She’s funny and smart and can make a joke about being a douche and being a misogynist in the same interview. She seems like she’s having a great time all the time, and never – not ever – acts like she’s more famous than you. Unless she’s playing a game with Aubrey Plaza in an airport where they pretend to pout when the other one is approached.

Who can get away with that? A fake famous-off with one’s best friend and nobody hates either of you? Not many people. Beyonce cannot get away with that and that’s the first (and probably last) time I’ve ever typed that phrase.

So she’s funny and smart and she tells a good dirty joke and she entertains people on Twitter but come on – Kendrick is only 28. There’s a whole lot of movie time left before she starts needing something stable. Right? She has to get nominated for more movies by stealing the show right out from under George Clooney, right?

But it’s undeniable that this idea has some attractiveness so … what about a timeshare? She could host the show sometimes, people could keep throwing around Aisha Tyler’s name sometimes, NPH could work out some of the dirtier song-and-dances he won’t get to do on the Tony Awards – it’s the Key West version of a night show. Yes? Maybe?

Enjoy the article, but be warned – you’re going to click on one video, then lose yourself down the YouTube hole until you surface midafternoon and pathetically tweet that you wish she was your best friend.  

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.