It always seems so effortless for Anna Kendrick. Check out these pictures of her from the Staten Island set of The Last Five Years. Doesn't she make it look easy? I'm kind of afraid to even go to Staten Island (tell me I'm wrong, SI gays?), but Anna Kendrick is carrying the pressure of starring in a major Hollywood musical and working her little retro hipster outfits like she doesn't have a care in the world.

I'm not sure what the alternative is. Obviously an actress who looks like a nervous wreck on set isn't going to become what Anna Kendrick has become, but still, girl's leisurely vibe is on point. To prove that I'm right, there are no less than a billion pictures from the set of this movie, with her co-star Jeremy Jordan. The scenes they're shooting are a little confusing because, as I understand it, during the stage production of The Last Five Years, the two characters they're playing only have one scene together. Still, she's cute, he's cute, there's cute kissing, the whole thing looks very f*cking cute.

Also new from AK this week is the trailer for Drinking Buddies. True to Anna Kendrick form, it looks kinda great? Hard to ever really know from a trailer but I think/hope this might be the actually insightful, relevant take on modern relationships we've been seriously deprived of in recent years. It also stars Jake know, Nick from New Girl? Are you guys into him? Does he have some unexplainable straight girl appeal that I can't tap into? I'm seriously suspicious of the effort to get me to accept this guy as a leading man.

The one thing that's not well in the Kendrickverse? She's running low on Skittles and tweeted to bitch about it. As far as Hollywood diva complaints go, this is one we should all be willing to get behind. Also surprising that there isn't a person responsible for stocking her candy supply? Someone get Anna Kendrick some damn Skittles already!