Jakey in that trench coat all forlorn and adorable standing in the hospital? Please. I have to work very, very hard not to watch this trailer over and over again. So far this morning it’s already been 3 times. This weekend, because of golf, only 4 times, but the rest of the day? It could be once an hour. Like sneaking cookies when I’m supposed to be on a pre-London trip healthy eating week.

Love and Other Drugs opens in November. When the f-ck will it be November? We’ve been waiting for Potter November forever. And now we’re also waiting for Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal’s undeniable onscreen appeal, together, in a film that some say could earn Annie her second Oscar nomination in three years. Sigh. Good things happen in November. I was married in November. And there’s studio confidence for quality in November. Love and Other Drugs looks promising. As does Hathaway’s believable wig. Apparently getting your wig sh-t together is not an automatic in Hollywood. Ask the people at Twilight.

But I can’t do this without crazy highschoolness happening to my stomach. I can’t. Jakey really wants to top the Five List.

PS. Should we revisit the Russian dancing?