While Ali Lohan’s busy trying to turn her face into Anne Hathaway’s, the real Anne Hathaway, inspired by Sabrina, was at work on the set of The Dark Knight Rises in LA. I love the name Sabrina. More people should be called Sabrina. Anne does Audrey a lot more convincingly than Jennifer Love Hewitt, non?

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne was also shooting yesterday. It has been a while. He looks good. Really good. Not a skinny junkie which is my last recollection of him since The Fighter.

Very much looking forward to watching the chemistry between these two. Is it electric? Is it awkward? Is it awkward because it’s electric? TDKR is due out July 20, 2012. Is it July yet? Once the liveblogs come back after TIFF, we should discuss your expectations. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was great until the third installment. If anyone can avoid the 3 curse though, it’s Christopher Nolan.

Photos from INF