I just read an interview at the New York Times with Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey, and Anne Hathaway. They’re promoting Interstellar. As you’d expect, McConaughey manages to drop the “Prime Mover” into the discussion again. Naturally.

Nothing super gossipy here, just a few interesting observations. For instance, Annie said it took her 3 hours to read the script (Jesus, this movie is going to be loooooooooooong) and Matthew was like, what? Only 3? It took me 5! (Jesus, this movie is going to be looooooong.)

Then, a classic Anne Hathaway answer to what it’s like to work with Christopher Nolan:

“On my camera test for [The Dark Knight Rises], I was wearing the [Catwoman] suit for the first time, in front of everybody, and hadn’t quite gotten into the shape that I wanted, and just had a million things going on in my head, none of them terribly helpful. Chris came up to me and goes, “I just wanted to ask you, what’s your process like?” I had come off a few years of not unpleasant but not totally satisfying film experiences, and I’d forgotten that you’re allowed to have a process. I just said: “You know, I’m not totally in touch with it. Can I get back to you?” I knew I was safe.”

I trieeeeed. I promise you I tried there not to roll my eyes. It just happened.

Click here to read the NYT piece.

Here are Anne and Jessica at the event last night to honour McConaughey. Anne’s hair is growing out in an uneven bob. Looks really good.