Nancy Meyers’s The Intern opens this weekend starring Oscar winners Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. Last night was the NY premiere. So far the reviews haven’t been great. They haven’t sucked, and Forbes says it’s “superb” but so far most critics seem to agree that the actors do the most they can with mediocre material, especially Annie, as always. Come on. She might be an eye roll to you but she’s good, isn’t she good? She’s always been good. And by all accounts she’s good in this, alongside a Robert De Niro who doesn’t phone it in either, which has been the knock on De Niro over the last decade or so. Although you shouldn’t ask him about that because he’ll walk out of the room.

You hear about this?

A journalist for Radio Times was interviewing Bob this weekend and one of her questions was how he finds ways to keep it fresh, to prevent himself from phoning it in. She also asked about his Tribeca Film Festival and whether or not there’s concern with the money part of the event eclipsing the art. He thought the line of questioning had “negative inferences” and cut it short. Click here for a refresher.

Robert De Niro is famously not much of a talker. He’s not outright mean like Tommy Lee Jones (no one ever wants to interview Tommy Lee Jones because it’s terrifying) but it’s hard to get a conversation going. But if you’re doing a Nancy Meyers movie (you know these movies: Something’s Gotta Give, It’s Complicated, Father Of The Bride), you kinda have to play, you know? If you’re heading up a film festival in New York City, you kinda have to play too.

Since he’s not playing though, it’s all on Annie. She’s mocking her own style history on Instagram:

I heard she was great at the junket this weekend. And I’m told by several colleagues that she generally just seems a lot more chilled out. Look at her on the carpet last night. That’s a sick dress. Rodarte. I love it. She does too, you can tell. And not in a Victoria Beckham way. That smile feels real and relaxed, non? The same one she wore in a shirt dress at the Apple store the other day during a Q&A. Maybe that’s how you know. When your expression doesn’t change no matter what you’re wearing.