Looks like Annie’s going hard for that nomination.  

Here’s the first look at Anne Hathaway in costume as Fantine for Les Miserables, on location in London yesterday with Hugh Jackman. I assume that they’re sing-acting here, both putting a full thrust of emotion into the performance, and both performances, if the film holds up, could be contenders for Oscar. I mean she cut off all her hair so I guess she’s halfway there? Or is hair-cutting not as highly regarded as weight losing and gaining? Word is she’s doing that too.

By the way, remember this? I will never sh-t on her for how hard she had to work that night to compensate for her partner who suddenly decided he was too good for it.

Annie and Hugh really are rather fond of each other. I’ve always liked how she delivers the line “Frank Langella was sitting right next to meeeeeee”. Start at 3:53 here.