Anne Hathaway is currently shooting The Intern, the new Nancy Meyers movie. You know Nancy Meyers. It’s Complicated, Something’s Gotta Give, Father Of The Bride

What I like: Meyers writes for people over 45.

What I’m not that into: Meyers’s films are like the Williams-Sonoma of movies.

Anyway, The Intern is about Robert De Niro who decides to take an internship with a woman who runs a clothing site. Curious to see how this will be received. Meyers usually works with actors like Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, Steve Martin -- all with a built-in kind of familiar appeal and charm that draws audiences into that kind of storytelling.

So Annie’s been on set twice this week with a pair of badass slip-on kicks. I said a few times already that that’s all I’ve been living in this summer – slip-on kicks. Four pairs in rotation. I tried this pair on that Anne’s wearing. They’re Celine. Like $600. I tried and tried to justify but couldn’t. However, I do need a replacement. Because this is what happened last weekend:

And this what happened to Jacek when he came home last night:

And this is what happened when Jacek realised who did it: