Angelina Jolie was in New York this weekend doing some work for Unbroken. Then she took her girls, Miss Zahara and Shiloh the Chosen, to Lee’s for art supplies. They’ve gone there often. And they’ve been photographed there often. So the kids know the deal. They know about the photographers. And they know what to give those photographers – big smiles. I like it that Shiloh’s smile is all punk. Like she knows something you don’t know. And she’s laughing about it inside. A joke she’s been sharing with her mother? There was a time when she and the kids would go to Lee’s and she’d have to hold Shiloh by the wrist. Duana noticed it first. That the wrist-hold is the one you put on the wild one, the one who’s a runner.

Have you had a chance to read the Jolie issue of Vanity Fair yet? There’s a really good detail in there about how she interacts with her kids. So at one point the Jolie and Brad and all the kids are hanging out in their hotel suite. Brad’s watching the World Cup or something. And Miss Z comes up to Angelina and whispers into her ear. They laugh together. Later on, Angelina tells the writer that Z caught Maddox and his girlfriend kissing in the other room. It’s pretty f-cking cute. The Jolie is mother to a horny teenager right now.

The scans are here if you want to read – last page.

But now onto the bigger gossip…

Woman’s Day in Australia, which looks like a low-rent supermarket magazine, has put together a series of images taken last week at the Unbroken premiere in Sydney of Brange on the balcony of their hotel. And the opportunity for Photo Assumption here is amazing. There are a lot of hand gestures. Agitated wide hand gestures. And the suggestion here is that they’re arguing and smoking. Or discussing what to do with their horny teenager.

Brad Pitt smoking is nothing new. Angelina smoking is… well… she’s like Jackie Kennedy that way. Jackie was a chain smoker, just careful about it around cameras. It’s been years since we’ve seen the Jolie smoking. I mean, everyone in Hollywood does it. But smoking doesn’t really fit in with her crusader image. It is, however, another thing she has in common with Audrey Hepburn though.

So the Brange, normally SO seasoned around cameras, were not careful this time. A very, very rare miss. I mean, it’s not a beat-down in an elevator but this is exactly the kind of sh-t the tabloids will turn into a new headline about divorce. And during award season too. Even if it’s innocuous, the timing is terrible. Let’s see how they go about making up for it. And how they’ll have to adjust their game to bury it. 

Click here to see the pictures.