If I were a hipster putting out a line of home products, that’s what I would call it.

US Weekly is reporting exclusively that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be heading to Rome in “early January” to meet with Pope Francis.

Early January?

That’s pretty much right now.


This weekend.

What else is happening this weekend?

Oh, just the Golden Globes, you know? And Unbroken was not invited to the Golden Globes.

IF this turns out to be true…

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Pffft. We’re too busy to go to the Beverly Hilton and drink champagne. We’re hanging out with the pontiff.

As you know, Unbroken has been performing well among faith-based audiences which, it turns out, was part of the Jolie strategy all along. Wedding, remember? And presenting themselves as a properly married pro-creating couple probably looks a lot better at the Vatican too.

Attached – the Jolie with Miss Zahara and Shiloh the Chosen arriving in Rome today.