You remember that episode of Sex & The City – The F-ck Buddy? Dean Winters played Carrie’s f-ck buddy. Great sex in between relationships, always down for a hookup, but then she wondered if there was more…and there wasn’t, which ruined their f-ck buddy situation forever and that, really, was the great loss. Who wants to lose their f-ck buddy?

Two years ago, Minka Kelly and Jake Gyllenhaal hooked up briefly. Then she got back together with Chris Evans and he dated Alyssa Miller for a few months. Now E! News is citing a report from US Weekly that the two recently dealt with each other, but casually. Why not? He’s hot, she’s hot, and sex is healthy. Love doesn’t always have to be a part of it. Remember though, neither one of them can push for more. Do not lose your F-ck Buddy. Never, ever jeopardise the F-ck Buddy.