I hate the word fandom. I can’t think of another one to replace it.

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones is scheduled for release in August. It’s the first film in the adaptation of the book series. Did you read them? I tried. Wasn’t feeling it. But many did. And, well, this shouldn’t surprise you but Mortal Instruments has its share of Twi-Hards too. Like Twilight before them, they also are deeply invested in the on to off screen romance of the movie’s two stars, Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, who was previously engaged to Harry Potter’s Bonnie Wright, aka Ginny Weasley. That relationship ended around the time he started working with Lily. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Unlike Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, Lily and Jamie are/were photographed often – on carpets AND in candids, and happily.

But… not for a few weeks. He’s been shot on his own though, in England at fashion week, in Milan at fashion week, and in Barcelona at a fan event for City Of Bones. Interestingly enough, Zina Charkoplia is a fashion blogger who is based in Barcelona. TEEN VOGUE profiled her last year. This weekend there was a music festival in Portugal. Zina was there. And so was Jamie. And… look at these photos of them together that she posted on her Instagram. Check out a couple of them below and meet me on the other side.

Just… really affectionate friends?

This is the circumstantial evidence we have so far:

-He and Lily haven’t been papped together. Lily was just in LA yesterday, on her own.
-He seems to bleed his relationships together
-The suggested (but not confirmed) intimacy in these pictures; look at his hand as he’s hugging her from behind

Are Lily and Jamie done because Jamie and Zina are a situation now?

Needless to say, the Mortal Instruments Twi-Hards are having a meltdown. They believe, very strongly, that Lily and Jamie are still together.

Buuuuut…if they’re NOT together, what happens when they have to start promoting the movie? And what happens if they have to keep shooting sequels?

(Thanks Loli!)

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