Ashanti was everywhere in the mid-2000s, right? And then it went quiet for a few years. I will never not be happy when Always On Time comes on. And Ashanti with Nelly, I’ve always liked them together. Until she told us last year that he cheated on her. Which is why they’re not together anymore. Last night Ashanti performed at VH1 Hip Hop Honours: All Hail the Queens.

It’s been 15 years since Ashanti started in the industry. I don’t remember her last album, Braveheart, released after she left Murder Inc, doing much on the charts. She’s been promising a new release this year. And there’s no reason why she should not be a bigger deal, as big of a deal as she was before. If I’m honest, I haven’t thought about Ashanti in a while and I would like to think about her more often. I did, however, think about her two weeks ago after someone tweeted this at me:

Unfair shade? Or just the facts?