My ass has been aching for weeks. It’s my IT band. Even in a sitting position it’s cramping now. And when I drive. And especially when I sleep. Also, I have chronic neck and shoulder pain. I’m telling you this because I just popped in for quick physio. Physio makes me sleepy and slow. Numbs my bitch. Takes away my opinions.

For the next half hour, I will have few opinions.

This is why I can’t decide about the Olsens.

Lara thinks Ashley’s white sheet was the best of the night. I agree. But don’t. The back is great. Am all over her bob. She is SO beautiful. Her boyfriend Justin Bartha is well suited.

But look at it from certain angles and it’s terribly unflattering. She’s not tall enough for it. Wait. Is that an opinion? I take it back. I don’t know.

As for Mary-Kate … yeah, not my favourite MK. Reminds me of something of Stella’s Kate Hudson wore to the Oscars when she was nominated. Still… you come to expect it from MK now. Which means it’s time to swing back over to the other side.

I feel like Stella and I, for some reason, today we’re on a first name base.

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