This is Ashton Kutcher arriving at Letterman presumably to promote his new starring role on Two and a Half Men. When Ashton obscures his looks, and he’s a very good looking man, there are very few kind things I can find to say about him. Look at him. He looks like a smug douche. With his try to be cheeky bowtie and his try to be I just grabbed these wrinkled pants pants and his I’m so much smarter and techier than you expression...He. Is. A. Douche. And he acts like a douche.

Did you read the profile on him in the New York Times via Gawker? Click here if you missed it. What is real about Ashton Kutcher? Even if you’re already starting from the position that no celebrity is really real Ashton Kutcher’s capacity for un-realness exceeds them all. There’s never been any hint of passion in anything he does or integrity. It’s either a cash grab like his movies or not so subtle opportunism like his claims to be some kind of technology expert. Kutcher is a fraud. So I will throw this to you to help me understand – what does Ashton Kutcher actually have to offer?

Photoso from Richie Buxo/