Dear Gossips,

Duana and I went to Midnight Magic for the Harry Potter And The Cursed Child release on Saturday night. People were queuing all over the place inside the store for different activations. Like assholes, when we got there, we had no idea which line meant what, so we just decided to park ourselves in one of the lines randomly and then, again, like assholes, wonder aloud what line we were in. Much to the annoyance of the woman behind us. Who eventually couldn't help herself and snipped at us that, "Maybe you shouldn't be standing here". As we skulked away, properly admonished, we decided that she had to be Ravenclaw. But it was still a victory, having been told off within the first five minutes of getting there, which is part of the reason for going to begin with: the people watching! To be among the people, our people, the excited ones, the shy ones, the prickly ones, the obviously disorganised ones (us) - all manner of Hogwarts student gathered again after all these years to experience the thrill of another story.

Our favourite was the guy two spots behind us when we eventually figured out where we were supposed to be. (The non-preorder section, for people who kept it old school, because back in the early days of Harry Potter, there were no pre-orders, you just showed up and waited for them to open the boxes! We are purists!) He was maybe 19, tall, lanky, attractive, in a Gryffindor hoodie over shorts, patiently waiting with his headphones in. And the best part - he was BY HIMSELF. A cool kid on a Saturday night who came alone to get his book.

When it was finally his turn to pay, he couldn't stop smiling. And when he left the store, through the same low-traffic exit we were taking, he pumped his fists at his side, unable to contain his excitement. Then, as he's walking down the corridor towards the escalators that lead to the subway, we hear him whistling. He's whistling the song, he's whistling Hedwig's Theme.

Whistling! Down the hall! Swinging his book bag back and forth! And I have no doubt he didn't sleep until he finished.

We died. And we wondered if he was real. Or if he was a spell that was cast just for us that night. To complement the spell we've been under from the very beginning.

Yours in gossip,


PS. It's a long weekend here in Canada so we're taking a break. Sorry about the interruption in gossip service. Gossip will return to regular schedule tomorrow.