The trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron wasn’t supposed to debut until Tuesday during an episode of Agents of SHIELD, but it leaked online yesterday, no doubt thanks to Hydra. And since fighting the internet is pointless, Marvel went ahead and threw it up on YouTube for all of us to enjoy. It’s our first look at the Avengers re-teaming, so let’s break it down.

It’s true that Age of Ultron will be higher in stakes and that the ramifications of these events will have a ripple effect on the MCU, but Ultron isn’t as dark as this trailer is making it seem. This reminds me of Iron Man 3—the trailers made it seem like it was Sad Tony Central, but the movie itself is one of the funniest Marvel has ever made. Ultimately, Marvel isn’t in the business of doom and gloom, so while there might not be shwarma at the end of this one, it isn’t grimdark, either.

As good as this trailer is—and it is VERY good, Marvel knows how to do this part—they’ve cut out the best stuff. We don’t get to see the Superhero Clubhouse, or Ultron Mark I, dragging himself into the room, which is supremely creepy. What we do get to see: Avengers fighting each other, Hulk vs. Hulkbuster Iron Man, a flash of the Black Widow’s past (the ballet scene), Cap’s broken shield, and Ultron monologue-ing. God, does Ultron monologue. You thought Loki was a talker? Ultron won’t shut up.

His line in the trailer is intriguing: “You want to protect the world, but you don’t want it to change.” There’s an uncomfortable authoritarianism to superhero stories as the heroes often fight to protect a status quo that isn’t necessarily fair. Captain America: The Winter Soldier took this on via the security state, with Cap electing to destroy a major governmental apparatus. It’ll be interesting to see if the events of The Winter Soldier put Cap on one side of a line and the events of Ultron put Tony on another. We’d have the makings of a Civil War.

Other things to look for: at 0:16, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver amidst a protesting crowd; at, Rhodey!; at 1:28, Quicksilver in power; at 1:30, that bad bitch Scarlet Witch in power; at 1:32, Andy Serkis WTF; and at 1:35, Hulk and Natasha (Clint/Natasha shippers, best let go of that baggage now, it’s not happening).

Scarlet Witch’s power manifests with red light. Marvel has been slowly introducing us to the Infinity Stones, the powerful objects that uber-villain Thanos is hunting across the universe. One of the stones was the “Aether”, the red space Kool-Aid in Thor: The Dark World, which controls reality. In the comics, Scarlet Witch controls probability, giving her immense power. And now in the movie she strongly identifies with the color red, the color of the reality stone. This is not by accident. Of all the things to look forward to in Age of Ultron—and there is A LOT to anticipate, this trailer is barely scratching the surface—having one of Marvel’s most powerful women on screen is at the top of the list.