Aziz Ansari was at the TIME Gala last night. He was named to the TIME 100 list last week. Last year was a major breakthrough for Aziz because of Master Of None. Have you watched it yet? It’s good. Really good. And it wasn’t enough. Netflix renewed Master Of None in February so, unfortunately, we won’t be seeing more until 2017. That feels very far away.

Aziz’s character in the show is called Dev. Dev loves pasta. Aziz loves pasta. That’s my segue to talking about the time Aziz ate pasta made for him by Mario Batali on camera – have you seen this yet? I’ve attached the video below. Aziz is with his friend and collaborator Alan Yang and Mario tells him that “of all of my foodie friends, you guys might be the most obsessed with food”. (Let’s just ignore the fact that Aziz hates the word “foodie”.)

Now that we’ve established that Aziz and Alan are obsessed with food, Mario proceeds to start making sauce and meatballs and some of the delicious-looking sh-t. At one point during the process though, Mario pulls out… a jar of tomato sauce! A jar!

It has his face on it. And he’s like, if you have to use a jar, use one with your face on it.

I use a jar. You use a jar. But I’m not a chef and you probably aren’t either. And none of us are cooking on the TV. If Mario Batali was cooking for you, and wants to impress you, because he says you’re the “most obsessed” with food, how would you feel if he made sauce from a jar?

Yeah, OK, he was probably pimping his jar of sauces. But still. I could feel and hear Gwyneth Paltrow’s eyeballs sliding to the left and her nostrils flaring in derision. As my friend Lorella pointed out, would he have made sauce from a jar for Gwyneth!?