Enjoy while it lasts. Principal photography on Captain America: Civil War starts in a few weeks and Beardy Chris Evans will be no more. We’ve all agreed that he’s better with the beard, right? It’s not even a conversation anymore. The beard is superior. For dudes who insist on bringing facial hair to the red carpet, this is how you do it—groomed, no neckbeard. (I’m looking at you, Quicksilver and your unkempt beard.) Also, Evans appears to be wearing a seersucker suit which is fantastic. He’s my best-dressed dude of the night, with bonus points for the A+ beard situation.

Evans was unusually…let’s call it “peppy”, on the red carpet. Usually he’s Mr. Anxiety at these things, despite being in the industry for over a decade at this point (seriously, what’s the cut-off for adjusting to the reality of your line of work? Three years?). But last night he was, um, super peppy. I heard from a couple different people orbiting the Avengers yesterday and on the spot consensus was that he was pretty lubricated by the time he hit the carpet. And Jeremy Renner was tweeting about tequila backstage at Jimmy Kimmel before the premiere, which is maybe a joke, but Renner was pretty loosey-goosey as well. Here’s a peppy interview with Beardy Chris Evans. Draw your own conclusions.