Ezra Miller is about to get to work on The Justice League Part One, in which he stars as The Flash. If you saw Superhero Face Punch over the weekend, you saw him in a cameo as out-of-costume Barry Allen, as well as a super-confusing dream sequence in costume as The Flash that had even veteran comic book nerds going what the hell? (And if you watch The CW’s popular The Flash TV show, you are probably angry/confused that Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash on TV, is not repeating the role in the films.) Of all the Justice Leaguers teased in Superhero Face Punch, I’m most into Wonder Woman and The Flash, the latter largely because of the casting. Ezra “TEXTILES” Miller as a mass-market superhero is a bananas idea.

Textiles showed up looking freshly beefcaked to the London premiere of Superhero Face Punch last week. Total body transformation is par for the course if you’re starring in a superhero movie, but I’m not sure why the guy playing the runner has to bulk up. It would make sense for The Flash, of all superheroes, to be a lean and lanky guy, right? Like Grant Gustin is not swole. But Textiles is committed, and did the regimen, and now he looks like a guy playing a superhero. Good? But I am legit interested to see what ole Textiles does with a character like The Flash—generally one of the more chipper, fun superheroes. Assuming, of course, that The Flash as a movie is allowed to be fun.

On a semi-related note, I’m weirdly offended on Grant Gustin’s behalf, but over a different movie altogether. I choose to believe the reason he isn’t in the running for the Young Han Solo movie is because the production schedule isn’t compatible with his commitment to The Flash, because the obvious answer to “Who should play Young Han Solo?” is “Grant Gustin”.