Ben Affleck spent his birthday at Harry Potter World in Florida – click here for a refresher – with Jennifer Garner, their kids, and his ma. Turns out they also hit up Disney World. The Daily Mail has the exclusive photos – click here to see. And PEOPLE followed up with a report on how miserable they were together. According to an “onlooker”, Ben and Jen had “no interaction at all” and “they looked so tense and uncomfortable," another onlooker notes. "When she was around him, you could see the tenseness. Her shoulders would rise up."

If I had to guess, I’d say the “onlookers” were the people taking the photographs. And it’s not like they had to work hard to sell that story either. Maybe Ben was just craving a cigarette? Being hard up for some nicotine is bad enough, let alone having thousands of screaming kids surrounding you. On top of the fact that your estranged wife can’t stand to look at you because You Are The Fool. While your mother just has to swallow the fact that You Are A Fool. No mother-in-law wants to be shown up by her daughter-in-law, I don’t care what you say.

Can you imagine?

The perfect daughter-in-law, the perfect mother of three, and your son f-cks it all away?

Ben Affleck has to stare at disappointment all day. Poor baby. The only one who didn’t look at him that way brought him a bottle of champagne and helped him secure “donations” in Vegas.