I’m sure he’s nothing to do with it.

There’s been a lot of joking that Jennifer Garner was the one who released those TOTALLY NOT BLAKE nude photos that have entertained us so this week. As hilarious as that would be, I think it’s very unlikely. Because of the “faps”, the “moar”, and also because, well, frankly Taupe and GOOP have more in common than you think. She’d prefer to keep her sh-t undercover and distribute justice her own way that doesn’t involve it all ending up on the blogs.

Having said that...

Every person has a snapping point.

On an unrelated note, Mr & Mrs Affleck were spotted together yesterday with their daughter at a party in Brentwood. Ben had a black eye. Coincidence or conspiracy? He wasn’t hiding it though, no shades, looks pretty faded. And I like his hair a little longer like this; the way he’s wearing his pants, too.

I am however still obsessed with WHO those Blake images were originally intended for. The tattoos from The Town, the tacky makeup in costume...

You know what always amazes me? It amazes me how often cheaters get busted because they don’t use the delete button on their cellphones.

As for Blake – she’ll be at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (which we are liveblogging!!!) and she’s starting on Green Lantern press very soon. Now I wish I was on that junket just to see how they’ll manage this situation. My guess is she’ll do a “candid” sit down with a major outlet, like Access Hollywood or something, mumble her denial, and then they’ll cockblock any other media from asking about the nude shots.

This is something I so wish more people would appreciate – that in Hollywood, freedom of the press doesn’t really exist.

Photos from Flynetonline.com