There was a rumour that Ben Affleck was seen in Halifax, Canada on Wednesday. On Wednesday he was papped in LA working on Live By Night. He was also on set yesterday in costume. So… it seems highly unlikely he was in Halifax. Also, do the people who think they saw Ben Affleck know what Ben Affleck looks like now?

Whatever he looks like, Ben Affleck, through his entire career, has always been good for gossip. He was great for gossip this week because he showed up on Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons to challenge Gerard Butler’s spittle count, all in service of his f-cking love and f-cking loyalty to the f-cking classy Tom f-cking Brady who may or may not receive sexy messages from his wife.

Every once in a while, Ben will lament the fact that he’s so great for gossip. And, of course, blame the gossips for loving his gossip. But we couldn’t gossip about Ben if he could help himself. Ben Affleck can’t help himself. He couldn’t help himself on Twitter yesterday after the internet blew up over his ranty interview.


What I love most about these two tweets is that they follow a tweet from earlier in the week where he revealed the new Justice League logo:

This is what was SUPPOSED to be the headline about Ben Affleck this week. The fact that the logo release was from his account tells you his influence with the franchise. It’s been reported that Warner Bros has given him a leadership role within the team and the logo post certainly confirms that. Instead, we’re talking about his cheeks and why his eyes don’t move and how many f-cks he can drop in a 5 minute discussion about Tom Brady and the NFL. Good job?