Am thinking this is for the role? Am HOPING this is for the role?

This is Ben Affleck on the set of Live By Night the other day showing off his back. Tattoos are a thing for a lot of people. There’s an entire New Adult romance section of books featuring men with tattoos and the other women and men who f-ck and love them. Obviously, in those stories, the men who are inked know how to f-ck so good.

In real life?

If I’m dealing with a guy and he takes his shirt of and his back looks like what’s going on here with Ben Affleck? It’s not a total dealbreaker. But it’s definitely a hold-up-wait-a-minute…

Because I make assumptions about tattoos like this one. It’s not necessarily the size. Or the location. It’s what it is. A phoenix or some other fire bird. Right? Like if all you get is the fire bird tattoo phoenix on the back, and nothing else, what are you thinking? Are you thinking he’s a grunter? Does he have a pair of metal testicles hanging off the back of his truck? Does he ride right up on your bumper when he’s driving behind you even though you’re all approaching a red light? This is who I’m picturing.