Ben Affleck’s The Accountant opens on Friday. Reviews are just now being posted; I’ve read three so far. Consequence of Sound called it “dumb” and “overcomplicated”. The Hollywood Reporter said it had potential but in the end it was a “disappointment”. And Variety seemed to like it OK and, I think, compared it to a superhero movie. So far then, it sounds like The Accountant is not a disaster, but also too medium B to really make an impact. Which is fine. Medium B shouldn’t have an impact on Ben’s Live By Night, and that’s what the prize is, really. Live By Night opens in limited release at Christmas for a qualifying run at award season.

Here’s Ben at The Accountant premiere in LA on Monday. Most of the headlines coming from his appearance have to do with what he said about co-parenting with Jennifer Garner. And he called her a “great mom”. What’s not really getting much play is what he said she said about how he functions best. It happened the other day at a press round table while Ben’s talking about his workload and having several projects to promote and several in production and how he’s managing it all:

"It's a lot, but Jennifer says she thinks I need to keep my mind sort of turning all the time and that it's good for me." Source

What happens when Ben has too much time? When his mind isn’t “turning all the time”? I could say I’m like this too. I’m no good when I don’t have several jobs, when I don’t have a stacked schedule in that I’m just not as sharp. But there’s a difference, I think at least, between not being as sharp and, well, whatever it is that Ben does to occupy himself when he’s not busy. Can you imagine being married to that though? Having to worry about a husband because he’s not busy enough, while raising your three children?

(Thanks Anna!)

Also attached - Jennifer Garner out in Brentwood yesterday.