Ben Affleck was with the kids this weekend – I posted a few shots the other day of him wearing his Sirius Black t-shirt, click here for a refresher. Yesterday he was out with daughter Seraphina. And PEOPLE had a story late Tuesday afternoon about how he took his children to a farm on Monday.

"At the farm, Ben and the kids did tons of fun activities," a source told PEOPLE.

"They rode the cow train and shopped for fruit and vegetables. They rode ponies and took a tractor ride though all of the crops."

As they wandered around the farm, Affleck carried Sam on his shoulders.

He even joined the kids and took a ride down the tractor slide. "Ben looked like he had as much fun as the kids did," said the source.

"This is them keeping a normal life, keeping the family solid," adds a source close to couple. "He flew back to be with the kids this weekend."

Jennifer Garner was not with them. She’s still working in Atlanta. But this is not just a matter of scheduling. As you know, since their divorce announcement, we mostly see Ben being dad when Jen’s around. But then the nanny scandal broke and dominated the headlines. So… is this a new strategy? Making sure we see him with his kids on his own, like that’ll convince you that he’s not the cheating fool.

Sure. Until Chrissy O’s next move and new outfit. We haven’t seen her in a pair of a heels yet. Wait for that.