Here are some more pictures of Christine Ouzounian yesterday and her new Lexus. According to the paps, she requested a police escort to follow her to her parents’ house. Look at you, getting hookups all over the place, from exclusive hotels to private jets to slick rides to personal security.

And now Ben Affleck is trying to shut it down.

As you know, Ben has denied all allegations of an affair with Christine. Unfortunately for him, the denials just aren’t landing. This week has been particularly sh-t for him, especially after the release of this photo:

Since everyone thinks he’s a stupid asshole, Team Affleck has apparently turned to TMZ for help. This is what TMZ posted late last night:

Ben Affleck is not funding the new, lavish lifestyle of his former nanny ... this according to people very close to the situation. Former nanny, Christine Ouzounian, proudly posted a pic of her new convertible Lexus, leading people to believe Ben was underwriting her.

Our sources say absolutely not.
As for Ben flying Christine back from the Bahamas and to Vegas with Tom Brady, we're told a group of people were on the plane, and various people were trying on Brady's Super Bowl rings, including Christine.

There are several reports Ben has put Christine up in a high end L.A. hotel, but our sources say that's absolutely not true.

The sources do not take issue with reports that Ben had some sort of friendship with Christine, but they insist he currently has absolutely no contact with her.

Ben Affleck really wants you to believe that he’s not sponsoring Christine’s stay at the Hotel Bel Air and that he’s not providing her with transportation because she has him by the balls. He really wants you to believe that they’re not texting each other several times a day and that they are not staying connected undercover. TMZ has a wide reach and a solid reputation for reliability. He’s hoping that this will convince you.

Are you convinced?

Before you decide, let me just remind you of something: TMZ is owned by Warner Bros/Time Warner. And if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I keep telling you about the Warner Bros boys – Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy…

Ben and Warner Bros have a very strong relationship. Argo is a WB property. The Town is a WB property. Live By Night, Ben’s next film, is a WB property. Batman vs Superman is a WB property.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

It was reported a couple of weeks ago that The New Yorker has been working on a TMZ expose for a year and that TMZ head Harvey Levin is freaking out about it. If the piece makes it to print, the damage could be devastating, not only for law enforcement, but for many of Hollywood’s major players. Gossip is currency for these people. They make trades all the time. How about you kill this story about my client and I’ll sell out someone else instead? If you don’t publish the truth about me cheating on my wife, I’ll tell you about my friend who’s been running up a crazy gambling debt.

No doubt, TMZ’s sources on this Ben Affleck nanny situation are probably legit insiders. But that doesn’t mean they don’t all have an angle. Was it worth it though? At this point, what would it take to make you believe that Ben Affleck isn’t throwing hush money at Christine Ouzounian and that he isn’t the cheating fool?

At this point, he basically has to show you the receipts, doesn’t he?

But if you open up that ledger, what else is going to fall out?