So while Marvel’s asserting its dominance over everything nerd, let’s catch up with Batfleck.

I know you. I know that there are a lot of you who’ve never been more attracted to Ben Affleck than you are right now, while he’s walking around with his Batman body and his hair slightly longer combed back with a nice wave. I KNOW YOU.

Me, I’m not necessarily totally on board with that. But I will say this. The pants situation? He’s never worn them better. His pants look really, really good.

Here’s Batfleck with his son on a Starbucks run today in Brentwood and then heading to a meeting. It cracks me up that he put on a jacket for that. He’s Batman! He’s Ben Affleck! He’s Batfleck! But you know, there are these rules, the rules you absorb from youth – that for a proper meeting, you should wear a proper jacket…?

In other Batfleck news, Ben, a DC representative now, and the new Dark Knight, recently shot a PSA to save the bats. As much as I don’t want to hang out with them, the bats do need our help. But there’s something hilarious – to me, at least – about this message (save the bats!) when there’s been so much angst and uncertainty around the Batfleck vs Superman movie …and Marvel keeps dunking on their heads.