It used to be that we posted every day about a new friend that Taylor Swift had collected. For the past two weeks, however, the title of our new daily feature is:

Ben Affleck Is A Fool

With fresh examples.

In today’s installment of Ben Affleck Is A Fool, following yesterday’s episode that featured Christine Ouzounian, showing off Tom Brady’s Super Bowl rings while on a private jet with Ben to Vegas, we have another photo of Christine, this time showing off her new ride on Instagram:

It’s the second time this week that Christine has posted a photo on Instagram. Her first post since the scandal broke was a pap shot of herself with the “girl on fire” caption – click here for a refresher. Christine’s Instagram is set to private. Entertainment Tonight was able to get the shot of her as Katniss and, once again, they were the first to get this shot of her with a brand new “drop top Lexi”. Which means that one of her friends/followers is giving ET access. And since it’s the second time this has happened…

Well, it wouldn’t be offside to suspect that she endorsed it.

Like I’ve been saying, Ben Affleck dipped his dick in the social media generation. Guess what happened?

And, you know what? I kinda love her for this, Christine Ouzounian, what she’s giving us. This girl REFUSES to go away. She is refusing to not be a problem for him. And it’s not like she gives a sh-t what the MiniVan Majority thinks. The MiniVan Majority’s opinion doesn’t matter to an LA girl raised on social media and reality television. Ben Affleck doesn’t know how to play this game.