Normally when I post about Benedict Cumberbatch, I take great pleasure in choosing the most unattractive photos, because I know Sarah really likes looking at them. You know what though? It’s Christmas. And it’s time to be charitable. And Cumberbatch appreciators like Sarah, who are not f-cked up and insane, have endured enough, what with the CumHards running amok on the internet with their crazy theories.

So here’s Benedict meeting his parents today at a pub in the Cotswolds looking like you might expect one to look when he’s going to a pub in the Cotswolds. It’s his first Christmas as a dad. His son Christopher was born in June. Are they going to call him Kit? Because Kit Cumberbatch heading to a pub in the Cotswolds is a really English sentence, and I want to use it one day. 

The new Sherlock premieres on BBC One on January 1.