Benedict Cumberbatch went on Sesame Street and did a math bit with Murray and the Count. It’s cute, I guess. I don’t have any fond nostalgia for Sesame Street—I only remember watching it at school when it was raining and we couldn’t go outside at recess—so I have no real opinion about celebrities going on the show beyond it is a thing that they do and I bet taping a segment with any combination of Sesame Street/Muppets characters is probably loads of fun. Everyone always looks like they’re having a really good time when they do these bits.

What I do have an opinion on is how great Cumberbatch looks in this video. Because holy cow, HE LOOKS GREAT. (Lainey: but not dashing!) So enjoy, Cumber Collective. Here is Benedict Sherlock in a terrific suit, looking f*cking great, being cute and adorable with some puppets, pretending to not know how to count. …That entertains kids? Really?