Benji Madden was in Australia last week working on The Voice. While he was away he would post Instagram photos for Cameron Diaz. One was with a puppy:


Rule #1 When you're away from home working and you meet a puppy, always take pics to send to Bae ❤️🐶

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And then a close-up of his face:



Good morning Hunny😘

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Benji is home now and the two were out for dinner in LA on Saturday night at the Nice Guy. He held her hand and opened the door. Sure, but does he clean the toilet?

That’s Sheryl Sandberg’s latest angle for the Lean In campaign. And Jessica Valenti has taken issue with it. You don’t mess with Jessica Valenti. She’s right. Why should I reward Jacek with a blowjob just because he does most of the housework? Not that Cam and Benji need to be concerned about housework anyway. Or Sheryl Sandberg for that matter.

You don’t think Sheryl Sandberg pays someone to do that for her?

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