Beyonce kicks off the first of four performances in Atlantic City tonight. I SO want to be there. Have you seen Beyonce perform live? I’ll say this: if you’re not interested in the experience, you can’t call yourself a student of pop culture. There are only a few entertainers of this calibre that come along in a generation.

But not all of us can be in New Jersey.

So instead, please enjoy Beyonce’s The Making Of A Concert. Part 1 is now up on her site. Please. I keep watching it every couple of hours or so. On the one hand, this is Beysus at WORK. This is Beysus, born the same year as Britney Spears, very much directing every aspect of her work. Whatever you think of Beyonce, even if you hate her, you cannot deny that she is not only mentally and physically invested in her own career but the one who is driving a way that so many of them nowadays never were, never will be.   

Is it edited to reflect this? OF COURSE.

Does that make it any less true?


Madonna isn’t the only female control freak. But can Madonna sing like that after not singing “for a year”?

It would not be a Beyonce moment without a few As IFs. Many of them.

There she is, all casual and sh-t, back after what she calls an extended break, and the sound that comes out of her mouth...

Is clear and perfect.

And SO pretty! She is SO pretty when she’s singing. Some people are “ugly” singers with how their faces move around and contort. Beyonce, obviously, is not an ugly singer. I bet you she trained herself not to be when she was younger.

By the way, Beyonce had a baby and “it just made me even more grounded and even more like you”.

As she flies back and forth ON HELICOPTER to rehearsals.

Amazing, right?

And the best part of it is that all of this, all the effort, all the preparation...


These gifts, they come to you in the most unexpected places.